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Learn the Art of Uncovering Your Ancestry


This is a family history coaching service for do-it-yourselfers.  Whether it be your genealogical tree or your genetic tree, I have the expertise to teach you how to build out each branch, properly document the generations and scale the brick walls.  Sessions are offered online or in-person.

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How to Build Your Genealogical
Family Tree

If you desire to document your family history or apply to a lineage society, this is the service for you.


How to Build Your
Family Tree

Utilizing DNA test results, learn tips, tricks and tools that will expand and confirm your family tree.

Bliss Joyner Kaye, CG

After years of honing my skill set, I am so excited to share my passion for genealogy.  It was in 2006 that I began to make discoveries about my family, and learn that this type of research combines puzzle solving with history exploration.  Since then, I have had a lot of success using direct and indirect evidence, as well as DNA, to reveal and validate lineages.  If you are curious how to uncover your ancestry using practices and standards accepted by the pros, I'd love the opportunity to guide you through the process.  Send me a note through the contact form below and let's make a plan that will achieve your goals.          

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Lori Kavle, MD

"After taking a DNA test, Bliss explained strategies and demonstrated services to help me get the most out of my investment.   As a result, I have discovered ancestors I never knew before."  

June Davis, SC

"I had no idea genealogy tracing was so complicated and difficult! Working with Bliss made it significantly easier and fast-tracked my learning and understanding."

Lita Fries, CA

   "Bliss helped me find the true birth name of my mother!   And because of the work we did together, I have reconnected with cousins that I forgot I had."




Published Materials

Sharing genealogical findings, such as historical documents and proof arguments, is a way to ensure all researchers are working with the correct information, and to give back to those who have been generous with you.  

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2302 Noblewood Road

Edgewater, MD  21037

(443) 336-9440

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