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Internet Search

There has been a great effort to put historical and genealogical information online. You can access the files of libraries, historical societies, museums, government records, churches, and other genealogists. To make things easier, some sites bring all this data together for you—usually for a fee. Sites that have lists of websites are valuable because there are hundreds of genealogy sites and tools. Here are a few to get you started:

Site searches and databases


Facebook, the largest networking site availale to connect and share with family.

Create a family website or blog and invite others to share family information. Look for others who are doing the same and share. A blog is a sort of online diary that you add to frequently. Others can make comments on your blog, but you control the content. Here are a couple of sites where you can set up free blogs.  and 

Build a GEDCOM

GEneologicalDataCOMmunications is a standardized genealogical database that you can share with others. It’s a must for serious genealogists. Some allow you to make lots of fancy charts. The  Personal Ancestral File (PAF) is pretty basic but does a great job, and it’s free. Download it at

Genealogy charts

Also called ancestor, descendent, or pedigree charts, similar to kinship or clan charts. They come in a variety of forms—hourglass, bow-tie, fan chart, etc. Charts help you visualize family connections. A family tree is a simplified type of chart. Here are some places to get free family trees and charts:

Genealogical Terms

Become familiar with genealogical terms before you begin your search. Buy a genealogical dictionary and carry it with you when you do research. Use these terms when taking notes and publishing your project.

Dictionary of Genealogy by Terrick V. H. Fitzhugh, hardcover under $30

Ancestry’s Concise Genealogical Dictionary compiled by Maurine Harris & Glen Harris, paperback under $10

Or, you can find online genealogy dictionaries. Try the Genealogy Glossary at

There are also many area and culture-specific dictionaries to help you further.

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